Imperial College of Photography

We are the premium institute of commercial photography in Kolkata.

Whether photography is a newfound passion for you or a hobby that you wish to cultivate more seriously, Our Course at ICP in Kolkata is the best course all. It acts as a thorough and incredibly beneficial guide for both beginners who want to explore photography and pro’s who want to make photography their career.

Our expert faculty members will take you to step by step on a learning journey where you acquire good knowledge of the basic concepts of photography with the fundamentals being addressed and taught in great detail like how to use different kinds of lens, exposure, white balance and the usage of light and colour. There is a special focus in this course on Advertisement and Commercial photography. This course is not merely about getting a photography degree but rather about becoming comfortable and well versed enough in the subject to be able to use it as a platform to further delve into the more advanced and challenging aspects of photography.

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